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Since 2016 where I left Singapore and returned to my hometown (Ipoh), I have and will continue to start a variety of projects. Most are started with the purpose to make me a living.

Inspired by Josh Pigford’s project page, here are my stats and the full list of projects I have started since.

Note: These are only internet-related projects I have started. In between these, I also dabbled with a few non-internet hustles like being a real estate agent, all of which didn’t work out for me.


Total 21 projects to date (updated July 2024)

Project Type

  • 1 micro marketing agency
  • 1 Instagram account
  • 1 enewsletter
  • 1 free online software
  • 2 print-on-demand Etsy stores
  • 3 ecommerce
  • 4 Shopify Apps
  • 1 Saas
  • 1 Podcast
  • 5 content sites


2 out of 21 were not even launched.

8 out of 21 are monetized.

4 out of 21 have recurring revenue.

1 out of 21 achieves meaningful revenue, which is the only one active project I maintain now.

1 out of 21 has been acquired.

1 out of 21 isn’t built with money (for fun) in mind.

All the projects I have built:

#ProjectTypeMonetizedWhat happened
1Ipoh On FootInstagram account for my hometownShut down
2BeyondMekong. comTravel Content SiteShut down
[Read more]
3Mass GrowthMicro Digital Marketing AgencyYESShut down after 3 years
4Wondermelon.sgeCommerce (Gift boxes for kids)Didn’t launch it
5eMovie ClubPOD Etsy store (Movie poster)YESShut down
[Read more]
6Carepop. comeCommerce (Healthcare products)YESShut down
[Read more]
7Table MannerseCommerce (Teak wood table ware)YESShut down
8Birthday Beep. comEnewsletter for birthday rewardsShut down
[Read more]
9Shopify App 0Saas, Shopify AppDidn’t launch it
[Read more]
10Support By Human. comContent SiteShut down
11Shopify App 1Saas, Shopify AppYESActive with meaningful revenue.
[Read more]
12Darwin’s DreamPOD Etsy store (Vintage scientific prints)YESInactive
[Read more]
13Shopify App 2Saas, Shopify AppYESAcquired
[Read more]
14Shopify App 3Saas, Shopify AppYESShut down
15Singapore HS Code. comContent SiteShut down
16Hike Where .comHiking Content SiteShut down
17SG Money Remit. comMoney Remit Content SiteShut down
18State Interest .comContent / Data site about Sovereign Wealth FundShut down
19Poll PearOnline survey makerShut down (inactive)
20Saas 01SaasYESSemi-active
21We Try PodcastingPodcastActive – for fun