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Space in movies: Happy Old Year 2019

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I watched Happy Old Year awhile back, and the apartment building where Aim and Mi stayed still keep me jealous sometimes.

Love the surrounding greeneries and how the property seems to be hidden from the hustle bustle of Bangkok
Really nice to see trees planted in harmony with the building
Kitchen with a huge window facing trees? Yes!
Books and painting is love. But I can’t imagine the dust that got stuffed on all the edges and corners.
Windows facing greenery is a luxury I want to die for.
Cluttered with art supplies – but the working space is pitifully small.
I really love big balcony that is ONE directly accessible from common space, TWO facing and have a lot of greenery THREE windy.
Downside: Insects and mosquitoes
Reading (dining) chair with a small table at greenery facing balcony.

In other scene, they went out yumcha somewhere. Love the local texture in this setting.

The vintage window grille, with some potted plants in background; and seating that is made of wood and cushion instead of plastic.

As a movie though, the plot and story is frustratingly slow – I would not rewatch it for the plot but don’t mind for the spaces.

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