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Local Delights

Local news is depressing.

They only want to grab your attention by sharing depressing, political and someone-just-died news. This is the reason why I totally skipped local news when I first returned to Malaysia few years ago. Instead, I spent most time looking into Singapore news and international events.

However, as a Malaysian and as someone who physically reside in the country, I do sometimes want to feel good about the country and I’m always curious what are the good things that are happening in Malaysia. The list below are some of the good stuff I come across, this is a growing document that I will continuously add on to.

Update: I have extended this page to include niche business from Southeast Asia as a whole.

Good stuff documented are mostly creative and niche online business.

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Southeast Asia

  • is a blog dedicated to OFW (overseas Filipino workers) living in Singapore with 31k monthly visits (source: Similar Web)
  • Backscoop is a bite size daily free newsletter for tech news in Southeast Asia.
  • is a multi-product platform built on top of the Indonesia startup ecosystem – with components like research, fundraising platform, incubator, hackathon etc. English content available. is a digital first insurance agency with both common insurance products as well as more unique ones (like pets insurance).

I like it because it takes a traditional business model and add a digital spin to it. Plus the branding with the cat mascot is refreshing.


AstroLOLogy is a Youtube channel featuring astrology inspired cartoon series. It is run by local animation studio Lemon Sky Studios.

As an animation studio, Lemon Sky Studio has worked with some of the most iconic names in the game industry (Blizzard, EA Games etc) with their 450 strong team. I love how they are able to build a massive Youtube channel on the side with their own IP, and has successfully attracted 1.45M subscribers at the time of writing.

With a quick glance at the AstroLOLogy channel, you can tell that the channel is being actively managed as new videos are uploaded relatively frequent, almost twice a week. Some of the better performing videos are taking in 12M views.

They also run a POD (Print On Demand) business on Zazzle to sell merchandises built on top of the AstroLOLogy IP. From the lack of ads and (honestly) half-hearted product design on Zazzle, they might just not be monetizing it enough; which I think is a big missed opportunity.

On the other side, I can understand why the decision as monetization of these takes way more effort and learning curve when compared to doing clientsโ€™ work. The Youtube channel could simply be a way for them to build a portfolio, experiment and learning new skillset without distracting them from the real business.

Either way, I have a lot of respect for them.