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Local Delights

Local news is depressing.

They only want to grab your attention by sharing depressing, political and someone-just-died news. This is the reason why I totally skipped local news when I first returned to Malaysia few years ago. Instead, I spent most time looking into Singapore news and international events.

However, as a Malaysian and as someone who physically reside in the country, I do sometimes want to feel good about the country and I’m always curious what are the good things that are happening in Malaysia. The list below are some of the interesting / niche Malaysian business I come across that are crushing the game.

This is a growing document that I will continuously add on to.

Update: I have extended this page to include niche business from Southeast Asia as a whole.


The Coffee BreakFree daily newsletter for bite size Malaysian and international news.
UrbanMetryData analytics company that use their multi-dimensional data to support property, finance, retail industries + consumer.

Also runs – where they will fund the renovation of your freehold landed house, in exchange of a minority ownership of the property.
PiktochartPenang based, bootstrapped, fully remote

An infographic maker saas is killing it on the world stage.
AstroLOLogyYoutube channel featuring astrology inspired cartoon series.

Channel and character IP by local animation studio Lemon Sky Studios.
CoinGeckoBootstrapped crypto monitoring site.

One of the largest in the world; with income from ads and paid API access.

ikeahackers.netBlog & community of fan submitted Ikea hacks.

Received Cease and Desist (C&D) from Ikea in 2014, got viral and seen on major global publications. Issue was resolved later.

Currently boost 600k monthly visits, monetized by ads and Amazon affiliates.
Dododots.comPimple patch brand started by microbiologist turned marketers.

Source: Mamak Session
RPG CommerceDTC ecommerce company that owns brand like Montigo, Bottoms Lab, Cosmic Cookware
EasyBook.comBus, train and ferry ticket sales B2C platform – with a B2B ERP component powering bus companies and bus terminal in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and soon Thailand.

2023 revenue USD 60m (!) – Source: BFM Open for Business
Xilnex by Web BytesOmnichannel retail management system powering the likes of Tealive, Zus Coffee, The body Shop and more.

Source: BFM Open for Business
SundayFull stack insurtech company started by Malaysian insurance group KSK Group – now with presence in Thailand and Indonesia, headquartered in Singapore.

Source: Asia Insurtech podcast
Panda HRMSFound this HR company based in the sleepy town of Taiping, and they seem to be killing it. Love story like this.
Carbon Sixth ElementCustom carbon fiber parts manufacturer based in Perak that sells mostly to US and Europe customers.
SEA GMStarted from the sleepy town of Sitiawan, Perak – SeaGM is a game marketplace that has since expanded to multiple platforms including Sea GM (Game product & services platform), Kaleoz (2-side game marketplace) and SEAGM News (Game Content Platform)
AquawalkAquawalk Sdn Bhd – which runs Aquaria KLCC, Aquaria Phuket, Thailand’s largest aquarium exhibit, and holds a 30% stake in Jakarta Aquarium & Safari (JAQ) – is apparently killing it as all business units are profitable. And they are going IPO on Bursa Malaysia.
More here from The Edge

Southeast Asia

SingaporeOFW.comNiche blog dedicated to OFW (overseas Filipino workers) living in Singapore with 31k monthly visits.
BackscoopBite size daily free newsletter for tech news in Southeast Asia.
Dailysocial.idMulti-product platform built on top of the Indonesia startup ecosystem – with components like research, fundraising platform, incubator, hackathon etc.

English content available.
Mighty JaxxSingapore based toy design company that produces original toys in collaboration with popular artists and designers.

Funded by Temasek.
Studio ManagerStudio management saas powering spa, salons and aesthetic clinics in Singapore and Asia.

Run by Archer Logic.
ecommurzecommurz is an Indonesian tech news, meme and whistle blower Instagram account.