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Online Course & Other internet things I paid for

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The internet is wonderful and many of the wonderful things need to be sustained (ie. make profit) in order to continue being wonderful.

This is why people paid for my $7/month Shopify app I guess, but also why I paid for things on the internet (more below).

The not-so-big news is that I have just signed up for an online course – Part Time Author by Greg Lim. I will skip explaining what it is about, the full name of the course (below) should give you a good idea:

Part-Time-Author: Learn how to write, market and sell non-fiction books on Amazon (without an audience)

Taking up this is a big commitment to me in many ways:

  • The price of the cost isn’t that cheap ($397) – but to be fair Greg has an amazing portfolio and experience to show + his personal guarantee to refund any participant who take the work to publish a book but didn’t break even.
  • The course is run in cohort (live webinar style) instead of pre-recorded video, so I can’t really take my sweet time to watch. The upside is that there is (hopefully) more interactivity with Greg and other participants.
  • Greg designed the course to sort of cater to everyone (I guess?), so this translate to 12am-130am (Friday) for my timezone lol

I actually thought about this course for a couple of weeks and decided to take it – partially book sales do sound like a really passive income stream, and I really want to try my hands on creating more income generating online asset. The idea of possibly building a personal brand through my published work is also another factor that makes me want to take up this course.

It is starting tomorrow, and I actually got more and more excited as we are getting nearer.

A friend recently mentioned how Malaysians disliked paying for non-physical things, like internet services. I thought it will be cool to list down internet things I am currently paying for; and some that I have been eyeing for awhile.

Domain Name

I hold a few domain names, including (this website you are on) and others mostly for my apps.

Interesting fact: I also have a 6-letters .com domain that I bought for my son.


Part time Author is the 2nd online course I paid for. The first course I paid for is one that teaches people how to buy, sell and operate profitable (internet) businesses.

My thoughts: It is a good buy at that point of time; but as of now (2 years later) the internet business buy-sell market has grown so mature, there are so many free resources out there that the same course has become less desirable.

Also, because I didn’t practice what I learned (ie buy an internet business and make it profitable) so I didn’t have a strong feeling for the course.

Business tools

I subscribed to a couple of online services so I can run the Shopify app business, but mainly hosting service and email inbox. Both add up to no more than $20 per month

Comparing with many peers of mine, I am not spending much on the internet. While I do have some wishlist items and they are definitely within my affordability, I think the bigger resistance is that paying for them means I need to commit to changing the way I live/work and utilize these services as much as I can. All of these would consume my relatively scarce time, so I am not subscribing yet until I step out from the 9-5 and have more time to better my life /businesses following the subscription of these internet services.

If you are wondering, the featured photo has nothing to do with my post. Just feeling lazy.

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