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I’m building a niche content site

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mickey mouse and donald duck

This is part 2 of my SEO adventure so far. Read part 1 here.

For many SEO professionals, building niche content site is another way to make $, besides offering SEO as a service. Niche content sites are basically content that are targeted at a certain niche, and optimized (SEO) to attract high search traffic. From there, the sites are further monetized via Ads and / or affiliate.

Niche content sites are one of the digital asset class that can be highly profitable and lucrative, and relatively passive (when done right). I have been toying with this idea for sometime and even had a few uninformed (thus failed) attempts.

Recently, feeling inspired by this tweet below, I decided to give it another trial.

I have spent the last 3 weeks researching a niche (not kpop) and building out a website and a library of 80 articles manually. I didn’t want to use programmatic SEO for this as

  • The content format and info are very scattered and I went in without a clear idea on how to format them. It is very much improvisation.
  • I look at this as mere testing and would love to not invest more time and money to learn and subscribe to programmatic tools (I have other niche idea where I know for sure programmatic seo tool is a better way to go, but this isn’t – for now)

The initial 30 articles would be published in bulk, while the rest would be scheduled to published every other 2-3 days, as this would give a signal to Google that the website is constantly updated (while I moved on to other project for awhile)

This is actually just the foundation and there is just so much more optimizations and link building works need to be done. I decided to take a break as I need to refocus back to my Saas, and also I have learned so much and gained so much inspiration from the last 3 weeks regarding SEO. I can’t wait to apply these learning to my Saas and apps, which is my actual focus.

Some principles to help me produce so much content within a short time:

Start with a spreadsheet

I write more about this here. This time I am using Airtable for richer database.

Set a date to know the next milestone

Working manually to create 80 articles can be rather boring and depressing. To keep myself going, I researched when I can start turning on Google Adsense (6 months they said! But I have seen people turned in 3 months) and set a google calendar on a specific date to turn on Adsense.

This gives me a long term view and something to look forward to.

More SEO work would be done soon and hopefully I can share more up date and result in this space!

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