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Email Course

A free email course by Choong

Non-technical founder’s note on bootstrapping a profitable small software business

Hey, thanks for dropping by.

My name is Choong and I am the owner of a Shopify app (plugin) called B▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇▇ PRO. At the time of writing, it has a few hundred happy customers, and it contributes to 70% of my monthly income to live a modest middle class lifestyle in Malaysia, all while having to work on it for less than 10 hours / month.

When I am not working on the Shopify app and my part-time remote job (yea I have one of those), I enjoy spending my time with my family, reading and working on new software idea(s).

While I am not a millionaire of any sorts, I constantly feel blessed and in disbelief of how things turn out to be.

Just a few years ago, I left the big city and return to my hometown. I was struggling to make a full time living, I tried to learn coding among other things and failed at most of them.

Even though I did have some experience in the tech industry, I was by definition a non-technical person. I have learned to be more tech savvy since then.

I started this email course because I love sharing how having a small software business has changed my life for the better. I suspect many more people could do the same, maybe even better than I do. All they need could just be another story to inspire them.

Below is a rough outline of this email course (I’m still working on it):

  1. The hardest thing to get right before you are on your way to $uccess
  2. Ideas – Diving in markets and spotting opportunities
  3. How to build your app with the resource you have
  4. It’s gonna take awhile to build, now what?
  5. Teach yourself to learn and grow the app
  6. Building the moat and how to think about competition
  7. Leaving money on the table (?)
  8. Reviewing my failed projects

If you are interested in my story, you can subscribe to this email course and be among the first to receive the emails when they are ready.